Private Lessons
Lessons are usually once a week, but can be as often as you would like. Generally lessons are 45 min-1 hour. In each lesson we find how you are handeling the basics and pick one or two things to work on between lessons. We also will be taking notes each sessions and you will receive a copy of my notes of what mistakes you are commonly making.

The first lesson will be considered a trial lesson and is only $5 to see if you like the lessons or not. After, prices are $80 a month for 4 lessons a month. These lessons can be divided up how you see fit. 1/week 2/every other week, 4/all at once.

Payment Options
Payments can be made immediately through the paypal button above, or automatically renewed through Patreon on the first of every month.

Cancelation Policy
Canceling a lesson must be done at least 1 day in advance. It is understandable things come up and you cannot attend. This works in both directions. If a lesson is canceled the same day, then the lesson will still count and will be charged. Likewise, if the teacher cancels a lesson the same day, the student will get one free lesson.