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Game Reviews
Game reviews are generally commented SGF files or video reviews of the game. Patrons send in game via Patreon messaging with a link to their game. Games can be uploaded to OGS or From there simple get the URL of the game and send it in to get reviewed. For weekly Game Reviews, please click the Patreon button above.

Private Lessons
Lessons are usually once a week, but can be as often as you would like. Generally lessons are 45 min-1 hour. In each lesson we find how you are handeling the basics and pick one or two things to work on between lessons. We also will be taking notes each sessions and you will receive a copy of my notes of what mistakes you are commonly making. Lessons with Clossius are only available for Kyu players.

For weekly game reviews, simply become a Patron on Patreon for $10 a month. This makes you eligable for 4 game reviews a month. They do not have to be every week, but rather when the student wants. Game review DO expire. I cannot keep track of how many game reviews I owe everyone as that would be too difficult. Please send in your games before the end of the month. Sending in all 4 at once is okay.

The first lesson will be considered a trial lesson and is only $5 to see if you like the lessons or not. After, prices are $30 for one lesson a month. Lessons do not expire and can be used when you want. (Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly) Patrong can get 4 lessons a month for $100 a month. Again, lesson can be used or save how the student sees fit.

Payment Options
Payment for the trial lesson can be made immediately through the paypal button above. For weekly or monthly lessons, please click on the Patreon button above. I use Patron to keep track of my income for tax purposes. I ask that you please understand and pay for the lessons there instead of through paypal. IMPORTANT!!! Patreon subscriptions are charged on the first of the month as well as the first time you join. If it is the middle of the month, contact me via message or email and we will work something out.

Cancelation Policy
Canceling a lesson must be done at least 1 day in advance. It is understandable things come up and you cannot attend. This works in both directions. If a lesson is canceled the same day, then the lesson will still count and will be charged. Likewise, if the teacher cancels a lesson the same day, the student will get one free lesson.