A fun mini game that makes Mrs. Clossi and I do fun stuff when it runs out of hp.


Commands for chat. Regulars are viewers who have watched for more than 100 hours. Subscribers get better perks and more clossi coins per minute and in events.

Clossi Coins are in chat currency used for playing game and joing raffles. You can also buy teaching games and game reviews with them. Viewers gain 1 clossi coin a minute. Donations, subs, and bits gain 100 Clossi Coins for every $1

cc = Clossi Coins

!clossicoins : Show how many cc you have.

!commands : gives a link to this page.

!quote : get a quote

!quote # : gets a specific quote.

!quote add (message) : adds a quote to the library. (subs only.)

!tranfer (name) (amount) : Give someone cc.

!heist amount : Start a bank heist. Payouts are %50 for viewers %75 for regulars and %100 for subs.

!challenge (username) : challenge someone to a duel for 50cc.

!ffa : Start a free for all battle for 50cc per person.

!boss : Face off with others against a boss. The more people, the better odds. 50cc

!songrequest (youtubelink) : Adds a song to the queue. Max 2 request at a time. 5 minute limit. Cost 50cc for viewers. 25cc for regulars. Free for subs.

!skip : Cost 10cc Needs 2 people to skip.

!veto : Cost 25cc. Subs only.

!wrongsong : Removes song request.

Stream Rewards

You can check out stream rewards by clicking on the streamlabs icon, or my face, in the video.